I had this thought the other day and almost didn’t do this post, because it seemed like something that would make people role their eyes and accuse me of heresy.

Before I explain I should define hustlin’.  It started out as guys who would take someone’s money in a pool hall back in the day.  Now it is a term that just means someone who is making things happen.  It can be a drug dealer, it can be a small business owner, and it can be tons of other people. It can be anyone who is making things happen.

People are tempted to shy away from a term like this because we know that all things flow from God and are because of Him, but what part does an individual play in their ministry.

Here is where I found the idea for this post. I see people all the time who start a small group, or a youth group, or other ministry and don’t do their due diligence to make it happen.  When things don’t work out they say, “I guess it just wasn’t in God’s plan. Without saying that I know God’s plan for all time and events, I have to wonder if they used the potential, gifts, timing, and resources available to them.  Many times those things are God’s plan sitting in front of us.


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