Like almost every other pastor under the age of 40 in the USA I own my dot com.  I blog because I love the thoughts and insights of others and want to offer the same platform.  Blogs are a funny thing because you get to put what you want on them, but nothing else has to be seen.

When I hurt a volunteer or make a poor decision there is no post on that.  When I drop the ball on administration I am not always in a hurry to publicize.  Part of that is guarding the people I work with and not wanting to tear them down. But I have been thinking, How can I be more vulnerable in my blogging? How can I honestly admit things I am bad at and need to work on?

I hope to change that over the next few weeks.  Here are some things I am working on…

  1. I am creative and I have gotten better at incorporating more people into the worship planning and execution process BUT I am not using enough people and their gifts in creative planning of Wednesday nights.
  2. I have not given my adult staff as much time as they deserve. I knew that our size and numbers meant designing a system where I invest in people who invest in others and yet it hasn’t happened as it needs to yet.
  3. Still young, still arrogant.

You get the point, but I just wanted to publicly say that I love Grace Church to death, but it isn’t perfect. I love HSM to death but it isn’t perfect either. I pay $9 a year for but that doesn’t mean I am perfect or have figured things out.


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