This past week I have been spending time trying to improve upon two gaps that have come up in our High School Ministry. As HSM has grown we have seen a need to shepherd/develop  adult and student leaders.

Don’t worry we are not stupid and know these things are essential to any successful ministry. Its not that we have been overlooking these things or that their need has caught us off guard.  The problem is that we need to develop Grace (small) group leaders faster than we used to.  We are seeing as numbers increase that vision can have more leaks and with more groups and more adults our students might not have our vision in their DNA as effortlessly as it once happened.

Questions that I want some comments/feedback on….

  1. How do you shepherd and develop adults?
  2. Do you use mid-level managers?
  3. How do you develop student leaders?
  4. Is it possible to do both through the same software/email/meeting?


  1. TIME. leadership development takes time.
    one mistake i think most youth pastors make is they think they can adequately train youth staff/student leaders/etc in a single weekend seminar/retreat. i was talking with ed (lewis) last night (yes, i live at his house) and he is going to begin writing a 7 week training packet for youth leaders. when dialoging with him, one thing that stood out is that shepherding and leadership is a heart thing and a relational thing, not merely an information thing–thus proving a one weekend cram to be helpful, yet not enough.
    PRAYER helps too, both intercessory for that person, and shared prayer time with that person. modeling prayer, with that person, helps that leader understand that in being a shepherd they must spend time praying for their ‘flock’–a lot.
    i see, in the gospels, the disciples walking in on Jesus praying, a lot. i am challenged, therefore, to think, “how many times do my disciples walk in on me praying?”

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