I am not alone in this, but I love Francis Chan. His first book Crazy Love rocked me so I picked up his second one Forgotten God.  There were tons of things I could unpack or quote from there but here is a paraphrase of one that I ended having two conversations about today…

Francis mentioned that there are always those who talk people from down from radical faith and radical commitments…

“Oh you want to go into missions, well why don’t you get a business degree and than you will have something to fall back on.”

“You don’t need to move to Africa, you can support orphans by just sending them money”

I am not saying everyone has to be a pastor or full time missionary those are extreme examples, but unfortunately I see parents, friends, and people in churches all the time talking people out of following what God has put in their heart.

“You can’t do that summer ministry trip and play in the state soccer cup.”

“Living for Jesus is important, but it isn’t practical to share your faith everyday”

Francis asked where are the people who cheer on radical commitments?  Who are the ones who celebrate radical action?

I want to be one of those people.

“Yeah you will miss soccer practices, but experiencing God on this ministry opportunity will be worth it.”

I want to help people follow their heart for adoption. I want to celebrate people selling their house to move into a bad part of town. I want to celebrate people following the heart of God and not the heart of the world. I want to be a cheerleader of radical faith.

EDIT: I had some conversations about this post that got me thinking…

I don’t want this to be misinterpreted that I am for revolting against parents. I believe they are in students lives by God’s design and therefore have authority in their lives. If you are living at your Mom and Dad’s house, or on their insurance, or driving a car that they pay for or insure, or gas up, than you need to play by their rules.  If they say go to college, you do it. If you don’t want to, than as an adult you are now out on your own and free to follow God while paying for your own life:) But seriously, make sure you approach all avenues with wisdom and pray through decisions while listening to those God has placed in your life.



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