In college I was given a list of the 6 elements of a healthy student ministry.  I am a list guy so I loved it and still do.  Here is the list…

  1. Atmosphere of love
  2. Healthy group image
  3. Effective prayer base
  4. Positive contact/relationships outside of the church walls
  5. Proper understanding excitement of Jesus Christ
  6. Clear communication into the Word

This list is a progression that builds upon itself. Four years ago I thought I could check these things off of my ministry to-do list one by one as a culture was built and move onto the next mountain. What I didn’t realize was that I was running on a track and I would come back around to the same obstacles.

Once you build an atmosphere of love or an effective prayer base your group will grow or change (graduate) and you will face it again. You will create a culture and hopefully generations will build into the next, but you will still have to address problems whether it is a tweak or a rebuild.

Even though you are able to communicate the Word clearly to a group of 35, it doesn’t mean that 100 people will be as engaged by your stories and style.  We multiplied some small groups last year, only to realize that is staring us in the face again in a new way.

In ministry you will have new challenges that catch you off guard and stretch you, but more times than not it will be the same bully you battled before with a new haircut.


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