• Great night at HSM
  • I love what I do.
  • Tonight was night 3 in our Life 101 series on 1 Peter.
  • We had 2 students teach. Blake Roth and Jared Acker were great.
  • So proud of those guys, they weren’t just good for high school guys; they were good PERIOD!
  • They highlighted our need for boldness and overcoming fear when we understand our lives in Christ.
  • There leadership is a walking commercial for OB, but that is a rabbit trail
  • Based on some recent trends that made themselves obvious last week we made some changes in setup this week.
  • We started our own version of the Prayer Patio tonight.  I can’t wait till a spirit of prayer, counseling, and response catches on before, during, and after Wednesday nights.
  • We also changed chair setup to pack people in more and basically only have a center aisle.  The good news is it cut down on trips to the bathroom.
  • Another big crowd, so I was glad we had the extra chairs.
  • Our band switched to in ear monitors this week.  We don’t have wireless ones but the sound was way better and more controlled.
  • Pastor Ed and Polly came and spoke to our students. He wanted to just talk to them and pray for them on Veteran’s day so how can you say no to that? He also wore his dress blues and got a couple of standing ovations.
  • We had our adults share testimonies this week since students taught, it was a great change and Kelly lead it well.
  • We stole a page our of the Josh Atkins game manual and did the impossible shot tonight…..I don’t think that game can fail….too bad it took me almost a year to remember it.
  • Weird week, I never know when we will be headed to the hospital for baby 2 and I don’t feel great, but it is awesome to be so encouraged to see a team execute great ministry on Wednesday nights and I can just sit back and worship and be taught.

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