• Great night at HSM
  • I love my job.
  • Pastor Rick and Tammy were there tonight. It was great to have him thank our students for serving on Sunday mornings in Grace Kids and making the picnic a success too.  It was also good to just see guys giving him half hugs and hanging out.
  • We started our series “Identity”. Big idea for the whole series is that we should find our identity in God.  Tonight we focused on 2 things; we were made in the image of God and we are the bride of Christ.
  • I almost always leave encouraged overall but mad about my speaking when I speak.  Tonight I am not so that must be good right?
  • I spent some time talking and praying through I Peter with Blake and Jared and it was downright encouraging and helped me focus.
  • I hope some mega-church doesn’t steal Josh Howard from us. I don’t know many 19 year olds who can lead a team of worship people, develop leaders, stay humble, and be organized.  What a blessing.
  • Vickie Darrough is a freaking warrior. Every time I walk in the basement she is down there prepping something. Doesn’t matter if it is during the week or what.  I pray she sees the impact of what she is influencing.  She has made an environment where worship happens.
  • HSM shirts should be in soon.
  • Malachi came down during worship tonight. I got to hold him while he danced. I hope he doesn’t learn to worship like he is supposed to and keeps dancing if he wants to.
  • Got to pray with a guy I have known for 3 years through soccer. He is so close to trusting Christ. I am praying for him and hope you will too.  He was the story that made the whole week worth it for me.
  • Kenzie Muckway shared her testimony tonight.  God has really changed her in the last two years.  She is an example of someone that really saw God move at Kalahari.
  • Kelly Coville has been a great addition overseeing testimonies. You can just see her heart for people in God when she is on the mic and it is refreshing.
  • I am invented the HSM check-in process with a mixture of two parts organization and one part OCD-ness, but Rachel Weng perfected it.
  • Much more I could talk about but simply put I think the night was the perfect start to our big series for the fall.  I am excited to see what God will do over the next week in Grace groups and conversations.