• Sometimes I wonder if I look stupid for getting on here and being giddy every Wednesday night when I get home….I can’t help it, I come home pumped at what God is doing.
  • I got attacked earlier in the week so on that day I couldn’t blog, but as long as I keep up this Wednesday’s only lazy blogging streak I should be able to stay positive.
  • Another great night at HSM
  • Like last week, I thought my speaking was good enough, but not at all what anyone would leave remembering.
  • After I spoke we started worship and than went an open mic time….Wow! So many students sharing awesome stuff that we had to cut it off to end late.
  • Jim Heffner and I have a joke that my speaking is only the opening act these days.
  • We also had a pantomime tonight that I think set up the tone for our night spiritually.  2 Operation Barnabas alum wanted to start the team, run the practices, and do all the work. I just sat back and let them lead and tonight was the pay off of their hard work, kudos to Taylor and Rachel.
  • To be a realist I thought we had a game that could have been good but I didn’t’ brief and prepare the people who lead it and I feel like I didn’t give them the best chance to be successful.
  • Tons of people tonight which meant missing foosballs, broken pool sticks, food all over and a big mess. Time for a shopping trip.
  • Blake played my guitar and I think it makes everyone better.
  • I found at this week that we have approximately 63% of our ministry connect in grace groups. I am very excited about that but not sure if that numbers is good, or just good enough,
  • Reserved our spots for Urban Hope today. We send  25 people for our level one trip to their first week of day camp in June
  • Gotta get to bed for the NCO ministerium tomorrow.  Can’t wait to talk who is worse Browns or Redskins with Jeremy Bury.


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