• Great night at HSM
  • Not the night I planned on paper, but that was quite ok because it was obvious to everyone there that God had another plan.
  • Swine flu is hitting us big.  It took our band down to 2 guitars and hit our overall numbers. We punted, changed song, swapped the order and made it work.
  • We originally planned to do a pantomime that some of our students have made their project, but our Jesus went on a college visit so we are doing it next week.
  • This week was week 2 of our Identity series. The main idea was I am a child of God, I am royalty.
  • I spoke, and it went well but God had big plans and I was merely the third string lesson for the night.
  • We do testimonies because I have heard “ you becomes what you celebrate” and I pray that our group becomes the 2 guys we celebrated tonight.
  • In the last week I had a student approach me and ask me to share his testimony about struggling and having found his identity in God.
  • Zac Pierce is his name and he was incredible. His story is an act of God and on top of that he brought it….dude straight preached. I mean he went 20 minutes and no one even cared…it was freaking awesome to see God use his story. I am not kidding when I say that he will teach again this year, he has a gift and he connected. There was a line to thank him and talk to him afterwards.
  • Eric Osswald also shared his whole testimony and that dude gets me jazzed. 3 years ago he was just a kid who was curious. Now he is a disciplined man of God who is growing and leading his grace group.  To have a guy who is committed to play goalie at the #12 D-1 school in the country say that he plays soccer to glorify God and not himself really speaks.
  • To say that I was blessed tonight is an understatement.  God is changing lives and it is cool to see.
  • Lots of new people. Time to learn names,
  • Tons of things to do in the office tomorrow from tonight including first time visitor letters, we miss you letters to those who are M.I.A., staff email, and contacting those involved in next Wednesday.
  • Must get to bed.

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