Week #2 of the back to school rush is almost over so here is a little mind dump review of some happenings and thoughts.

  • Awesome week at HSM.  Focused on Growing in Grace Groups and the importance of biblical community.
  • Tons of people wanting connected in a group so now we have to make it happen.
  • Last night I didn’t speak. The only thing I did was freestyle for a game we did….it was fun and it ended up pretty good. I was afraid I would make a fool of myself, but our white kids wouldn’t know if it was bad anyway.
  • I mentioned this a little bit in my last post but Sarah and Stacie were with us last night and spoke on discipleship.  In some ways I shouldn’t be caught off guard since it is their job but holy cow were they good. They had our students attention the whole time. I actually just regurgitated their stuff to my own Grace group last night.  If they are coming to your area, get them with your students.
  • I love the nights where I get to just be in the back.  I am there just to make sure everyone knows their cues.  We had 18 people on stage with the welcome, game, announcements, prayer, testimonies, teaching, and worship.
  • We are doing another HSM shirt, I will have to put that pic up on here next week.
  • In the last week I have had over 20 students in my office for meetings and it has been refreshing.
  • I am learning a ton right now as we transition to having someone over our grace groups.  Transitioning “power” and “authority” is not seamless.  I believe in what we are doing and can’t wait to get there.
  • It is weird how exciting it is when college and pro football startup. These couple months are the only reason I still own a TV.
  • Malachi is spending the night at my parents tonight. Kristin and I don’t even know what to do when he is gone. I mean for a few hours we washed our cars and mowed the yard but after that it is lonely.
  • So maybe it wasn’t a good idea to loosen the light fixture at Mike and Emily’s house as a prank? Just kidding but check out his battle scars.
  • Kary Oberbrunner is speaking this weekend. He is money,  I hope I don’t find out in the future that he has been on HGH this whole time.
  • Spent some time at the Spoelstra’s house last night.  Melissa heard I am doing the shirt interviews and also that HSM is doing a testimony every week now. She asked if I stole those things from her husband and Encounter Church our church plant. OK so maybe I stole the testimony thing, but the interview thing I stole from Nick Cleveland in 2003 and have just had it in my back pocket.

There I got it all off my chest…….Gotta go!


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