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HSM launched last night. This can only mean one thing…….MIND DUMP!

  • I thought I knew how much I missed Wednesday nights, but being back made me realize how much I miss it even more. I just miss seeing my peoples.
  • For the first time in my time at Powell, we did NOT launch our year with a food fight.  Middle school still did it, and had one guy bring 25 friends. We decided to switch gears and just launch.
  • Started the year with a series called Vision. We are going through our values-worship, grow, serve, outreach.
  • The night was focused on worship. I taught through Revelation 4-5 to try and give a glimpse of who God is and why he deserves worship.
  • Not sure my part was great but God used it. The night as a whole was phenomenal though.
  • Worship was top notch. Our band has been building for 3 years and we now have some sharp upperclassmen that can rock.
  • Kelly Coville is going to be great in her spot of highlighting what God is doing through testimonies.
  • The food and atmosphere was instant the minute you entered the room.  Vickie raised her game with multiple banners and visuals.
  • In total we had 15 students on stage and even 10 without the band.  Transitions were seamless and we even had some budding comedians among us.
  • We used the polls as our game and it worked just as well as at momentum.
  • We had some big numbers. Maybe the biggest we have ever had for a Wednesday in the basement.  I had a conversation this week about evaluating what you value so I am not going to talk about butts in seats.  Although that is one thing we value we value visitors, salvation decisions, baptisms, and verbalized commitments just as much.
  • One number I liked from last night was that 12% of the people there were visitors.
  • Rachel Weng is money as our check-in person. She knows almost every person that comes in the door…which is more than I can say for me. To top it off she is volunteering like 2 days a week so she sends the follow up letters to all the firs time visitors that she registers. I love it.
  • Next week we continue our vision series by talking about our value-grow.  We will have CE National’s discipleship gurus Sarah Knepper and Stacie Fay in the heezy to Ambassadize the crowd.
  • The goal is that as they encourage the value of discipleship Jim Heffner our grace group guru will than transition to connecting them to one of our group leaders who will be in the room that night.
  • I got to go to a soccer game this week and be a coach again. I miss it a lot.  Unfortunately for the soccer guys Malachi is way cuter than them.
  • In other news, Grace Church goes to 3 services this week.  I am excited to see the growth and changes more people serving in our body will bring.
  • Grace Kids continues to upgrade the building in major ways. There isn’t a hallway that hasn’t been repainted. I will have to get some pics because it looks sweet these days.

Welp I think the posts will be more frequent now since the fall is in full swing.



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