This week I noticed a cussing on Facebook outbreak of students that call HSM (my ministry) their home.  This isn’t new; it is something we have dealt with before at different times and with different people.  This hurt me because these are people who I look to lead our ministry and who have a ton of potential and in those moments it seems like they aren’t even trying to represent Christ.

Some might argue “it’s just a word, who decides that those words are wrong to say”, but here is where I rest.  We are told that we have new life in Christ.  People are supposed to see something different in us and when I look at someone’s page and they are dropping words and right under that is says they have RSVP’d to attend our youth group launch for the year I wonder if there friends see anything transformational in them at all.

It is part of a bigger issue we have dealt with that students see a breakdown in different compartments of their lives.  Church is one world, family is another, and friends, Facebook, and media are others.  Their God and their decisions don’t look the same in all those situations and worlds and that saddens me.  Christ wants every part of us, our world, and our lives.

This makes me look at my life and ask if there are parts I am not giving to God. It’s easy to judge someone when they mess up in a public forum, but what about my decisions that no one can see.  I am praying through that this week as I try to lead people struggling with the same thing.



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