My esteemed co-worker Dustin Godshall has been using a great idea that I recently stole and wanted to share with you all.  I have shared on here before that because of my influence we love to use at my church. We have used their great price for 5,000 cards on one time events like our dodgeball tournament.

            Every youth pastor is making regular contact with students to invite them to events, to tell them they have been missed, and to tell them happy birthday.  Every youth pastor is making contact with staff to remind them of events, tell them happy birthday, and keep them encouraged. Dustin and I grew sick of not being able to afford good stationary and having to produce our own cards/flyers.  Producing our own meant making them on our ghetto church copier that makes everything darker and can’t make more than 3 two-sided copies without breaking.  Not to mention we were designing them on less than desirable programs (cough! Microsoft cough!).

            Dustin decided that he could design a very general ministry postcard that could be used for many occasions.  If it was for a big event you left the card so it was able to be printed on, but if it was personal you could write on it too.  Maybe it sounds so simple it is stupid, but I was so impressed I copied him and got my own.

            One positive is that it looks 20 times more professional when I was able to run 85 of them through the printer today for my freshmen welcome party and have them look better than something the copier vomited out and I chopped down in the paper cutter. It is actually a real postcard and not a school art project reject.  The negative is that as you lose flexibility for specific design because it functions as a template (but I decided I could still use clubflyers offer for FREE one sided cards for smaller one time events.)

            This is not the best idea in the world, I think the reason I am so big on this is because I find myself in a position where I feel the pressure to produce stuff like bigger churches that is excellent.  Student ministries and all sizes of churches can feel this often.  This is one way I felt that stealing an idea from Dustin helped me keep up. Here is the card I am going with now.



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