My wife is leaving Saturday at 3:30am to catch a 4:30ish flight to San Francisco.  She is helping to lead our level 2 HSM trip to the YWAM facility there.  You can follow the team and all their adventures and prayer requests by blog and pictures here.

The good part is that as I have shared I get Malachi all to myself… 

I have had him overnight a couple times, but this is the big one.  The grandparents will both be in for the days next week while I am at work, but Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are all mine.


Here are some things we will have to do…

  1. Work out and swim everyday
  2. Take showers, because men don’t take baths
  3. Have some hip-hop dance parties.


Having Malachi is the exciting challenge, but the bad side is that I will be away from my wife Here are some reasons I will miss her.

  1. She is hot.
  2. I come home everyday and download my day to her. Sometimes she calms me down and sometimes I get her worked up.
  3. She is my best friend and we do everything together.  

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