Well as usual my posts have been lacking recently so why not catch up with some bullet points mind dump!

  • Operation Barnabas orientation is going on at our church right now.
  • That means we have 15 incredibly encouraging adults and 100 just as encouraging students under one roof…what a privilege.
  • I am excited to get some time with them all this week and for our staff to cross paths.
  • The teams will be picked later this week and you can follow their orientation and team blogs here.
  • We have 3 women who are handling the food for OB orientation.  The food is so good it blows my mind. I am just eating my meals at the church. I actually feel bad for the students because they will be spoiled and than get out on tour and have to eat cheap hot dogs and fritos.
  • Dave Guiles from GBIM spoke at our church this morning on the nations and was on point!
  • The last couple weeks I have been hiding out and recharging from the school year but it has been good to hang out with my grace group again.  Noah McCaman is a good looking kid.
  • HSM has two trips taking off next week; Urban Hope and San Francisco.
  • Kristin is going on the San Fran trip, so that means some quality time for me and Malachi. I am excited.  I will tough it the first weekend and than my parents are gonna come down and go to the zoo and spoil him.
  • OK, so I gushed about OB being here but the busyness has had one let down.  My friend Tug was part of sponsoring a concert with Lecrae and the whole Reach Records label in Lima.  I was unable to go to the concert and Tug made sure through voicemails and twitter that I knew that he saved spots for me backstage and all that jazz.  Anyone who reads this knows I like hip hop way too much and Lecrae is truly someone that encourages me in Christ and musically. I can’t stress enough how much I wanted to be at that show. I am sorry to Tug and sorry to myself for letting me down.
  • Sidebar-Read Tug’s blog and pray for his next step as he is transitioning from his church.
  • Just watched the Lakers win a championship.  Really been watching Kobe and reading up on his work ethic, and his quest as a man, father, husband, player, and leader.  He is on a level that the league is not.
  • Having said that I love Lebron and the Cavs more, but as Ali G says “Respect” to Kobe.
  • Tomorrow is the day off. We are hitting the Y together as a family and I am sure we will also try the usual water activities/zoo trip and some yard mowing in the middle.

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