I have been a bad blogger for months now. So much to say. I think I am gonna go the mind dump right and just throw it at the wall and see what sticks.

  • Graduation party season is very hard in my profession.  I put on weight and get sun burnt, what a tough life.
  • Actually this is a pretty low-key year. We are graduating one of our last small classes and they spread their parties out pretty well.
  • So far my favorite party food was Steff Fisher having Rita’s Italian Ice.
  • Last week was one of the most refreshing, “productive” weeks of my year.  I went into hiding from people and that is bad, but I knocked so many things off my to-do list.
  • I am working on my teaching calendar for next year and I LOVE that type of long term planning. I will post it on here later.
  • My life has finally slowed down.  I went on a date with my wife and am catching up on yard work so that I don’t have to do any on Sunday or Monday-my day off.
  • Here’s an example of life the last couple months. I had my first two funerals, two three teen pregnancies, and a fake suicide on top of “normal” ministry stuff.
  • Having said that I wouldn’t want to do any other job.  Spring is always crazy so now it is time to focus on slowing down.
  • OB orientation is at our church in 13 days.
  • We are getting a new roof in the next couple of weeks. I think we may pull the trigger on the kitchen updates too.
  • Malachi had a fever of 102 todayL
  • I wish I could give LeBron a hug today.
  • I wish I could give LeBron a hug everyday though.
  • Time to hit the YMCA hard this week.
  • I enjoyed Kary Oberbrunner’s message today.  He took the comedy up a notch and that is how I love communicators to work it.
  • I am leading worship this week.  I stole an idea from Travis Davenport and we are using the chords from Viva La Vida to lead into Your Grace is Enough.
  • If I had cable I would watch the MTV Movie Awards tonight. I will just watch it online tomorrow.
  • I am too lazy to link to half the stuff I am mentioning.
  • I wish there was another good superhero movie coming out this summer.
  • Malachi is really starting to like dancing. That is one of my goals as a dad, to make our fellowship of churches a little better at dancing through my offspring.
  • Welp that is enough for now. I think in the next week or so I may have some cool posts coming around so stay tuned.


  1. Mark…can you expound on this a little…(using the chords from Viva La Vida to lead into Your Grace is Enough), which chords, how’s it going to work? Thanks

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