Today was vision Sunday at Grace Church. Every year at this time we take a Sunday and give our vision (budget, philosophy, etc) as we enter our fiscal year and prepare the natural startup of the fall.  Today’s mind dump will be devoted to that (and maybe a few other things).

  • Grace Church will start 3 Sunday morning worship services on September 6, 2009.
  • Presently we offer an 8:45 service, a 10:00 connection class hour, and an 11:15 service.
  • We are going to this third service to stay ahead of the growth we have seen in the last year.  If we continue reaching and growing (our vision) we will need more room.
  • I am super psyched about this, in fact this is the most excited I have been in my 4 years in Powell.
  • The big change as it pertains to High School Ministry is that we will no longer offer any programming for high school students on Sunday mornings. Students will be apart of worship services and/or serve in Grace Kids or another ministry (worship, hospitality).
  • As I told our church today this is the best way I know to not just entertain students and build a great student ministry, but to help them put down roots and truly be apart of the church as they serve and worship alongside people both younger and older than them. 


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