Sunday I did something I have only done 3 other times since 2000. I completely shaved my whole face.  No beard, no goatee, not just short trimmed hair, but NO hair.

I never intended to have facial hair.  Kristin wanted me to grow a goatee our freshmen year at college so we made a bet that I would if she scored a goal (she was on the soccer team).  My luck would have it she scored a game-winning shootout goal the first tournament game of the post-season and so I had to stop shaving for a while.

I had it the rest of the school year and shaved it in the summer because I thought I wanted to, but I soon came to realize I had grown accustomed to it and now thought my chin looked weird and even fat at times.  Anyway, there is the story why you will almost never see my face naked like this picture of me and Malachi hanging out this morning.



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