I have sent emails, made verbal announcements, updated my facebook and twitter and now this is the final piece in my communication platform to tell the world that we are pregnant with our second child.  Not sure what else to say other than Kristin is due December 1st.  If you would like to suggest names boy or girl please comment!


2 thoughts on “BABY #2

  1. Mark! OMG Congratulations! You and Kristin look so happy!
    Olivier and I are happy for the most part but he doesnt have something that I need and desire in a guy, a relationship with christ. He is agnostic and hates when I talk about church or christ. So I dont think this will be going much further. He doesnt want a relationship with him and I have talked to him about it before but he refuses to hear or want to even think of speaking that subject. I always pray though.

    About Baby names though,
    I have always loved the name Marlena (MAR LAY NA)

    I used to live in Arizona and went to the apostolic christian church in N Phoenix. There is where I met a lady named Marlena. She was the nicest lady and loved spending time with the youth doing fun thing. Ice Cream on hot days, bowling, ice skating, hiking, bike rides…. She was strong, independent, had a such heart and soul that didnt even know what hate was but most importantly, SHE LOVED GOD! And I always talked to her about how she keeps her relationship so strong without ever falling or turning away. Her smile could light up a darkroom easily.

    I never asked her where she got her name, but i loved it and every time I think of that name and her, it makes my world a little happier to know that there are people like that out there! 🙂



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