I think I owe an update after this busy weekend, but I don’t have any good numbers or pictures for the stuff I am reporting so please don’t hate me!

• I think you are supposed to relax on weekends, but I was up at 6 on Saturday and Sunday.
• Saturday we did our 3rd annual Egg Drop. This year we partnered with our twp. and the YMCA.
• Great event which got our name and people in the community and that is never a bad thing.
• We had over 900 cars and think we had around 3,000 people. I might get some pictures up later if and when the people get them to me.
• This year was great but we are still only on the tip of the iceberg on potential for this event. Not necessarily tons more people (although that could be in the cards) but I want to make it more of an experience and tighten registration.
• Next year we will switch the location, the times, the amount of eggs, the amount of volunteers….so pretty much everything:)
• This morning we had Easter services at 8:45, 10:00. and 11:15.
• 3 services is a while new ballgame….50% more work.
• I lead worship so that was certainly something I have never done on Easter.
• My voice held up and there weren’t any terrible blunders.
• The sound was great today and so were Kelly and Matt on vocals.
• As usual tomorrow’s day off will be great to relax. What am I doing you ask? Watching Free at Last the movie with my good friend Ross Owen of course.


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