This past weekend I was asked to speak at the student ministry retreat for my friend Eric Miller at his church (Grace Community Church in Frederick, MD) at Camp Joy-El in Greencastle, PA.  Before I left for the weekend (as I shared previously on this blog) I found out the unfortunate news that a girl from our church had died. I was asked to perform the memorial service on Sunday so I asked Eric if I could not speak at the final session on Sunday.  This meant that I would have to drive through the night after I finished speaking on Saturday.  The following is a recap of the events of Saturday night and on into Sunday. This was quite a night….


I spoke 3 times on Sharing youth faith on Saturday and in the middle I ate lunch.  I didn’t eat dinner because I was starting to feel “funny”.

After I finished speaking I was hanging out for a few minutes and suddenly knew it was vomit time. I was sitting next to Eric Miller up front as he showed a video that he had made. I grabbed a trashcan and went out the side door. I threw up in it 5 times.

Having no flex in my schedule and with the car already packed, I had to get on the road so I grabbed a mini-bucket that I found next to some vending machines behind the cafeteria and hit the road at 9:39.  I didn’t feel great but there is some immediate adrenaline after throwing up and as you read on this was what helped me make the drive home.

I left the camp and drove for about 90 minutes I think stopping Somerset, PA because I was starting to feel awful. I tried to sleep in my car and drifted in and out of sleep hoping it had been hours only to see that 5 and 10 minutes had ticked by on the clock.

I awoke feel terrible just in time to throw up 5 more times in my trusty bucket. I went inside and cleaned up and changed into my pajama pants because everything is better when you are wearing flannel pants:)

I decided to hit the road and made it down the road about an hour before stopping again. I slept there for about an hour but eventually knew I had to go inside and visit the bathroom. Luckily I took my bucket because while inside I threw up 5 more times bringing my grand total up to 15.

I rode the adrenaline wave and took off driving for another hour before I stopped and slept for 90 minutes. I was hoping I was starting to feel better.

The best part of this night was that it was time for clocks to leap forward so somewhere in this whole night I “lost” an hour of sleep.

I woke up at like 5:50 which felt like 4:50 to me and took off for home on the final leg of my trip. I think I was 40 miles from the PA border but I may have hallucinated most of these memories.

I arrived in Columbus dizzy, queasy, and not a very good driver. I collapsed into my bed so tired I couldn’t fall asleep. I had told Kristin to let me sleep till noon because I had to be at the church at one.

The service went great and the gospel was shared and I lived to tell about it.

I will not soon forget that night and hope it built character?



  1. Dude — you get the perseverance award!! I’m signing you up whenever I need someone I can count on! Glad you’re feeling better and know God used you in significant ways on both ends of that memorable trip.

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