Topic: Evangelism

The “Big” Idea: Why we MUST share our faith.

Attendance: 75 students, 15 adults

Student Involvement: Aubrey did the welcome for the first time so that was cool as she continues to step up and lead. Plus she has read hair.

Our band is getting so good it is scary. Bronson is doing a great job of leading a group of blossoming musicians. Scary to think about how awesome next year could get.

Worship Set: All Because of Jesus, O’ Happy Day, God of this City, Our God reigns, and Everything.

Everything is a Lifehouse song that really builds to the end and our group responded. I saw some first time hands in the air:)

Fun Stuff: We didn’t do a game tonight, Just decided to switch it up and started later giving more time to hang out and take in the food and atmosphere

Vickie Darrough and Kelly Coville continue to go above and beyond to make our place a home for everyone.  I will put some pics up next week to show what Vickie did.  Kelly made limbes (Urban Hope style) to celebrate the release of summer trip applicatons.

In place of the game, we did show a random youtube video

Lesson Review:

The lesson was heavy on scripture but I think it was still engaging.

We touched on II Kings 6-7, Matthew 28:19-20, Philimon 6-7, and Matthew 5:31.

Finally ending on this youtube video that has made the rounds on blogs of Teller (of Penn and Teller fame) telling that even though he doesn’t believe in God, heaven, or eternity he finds a Christian who does and won’t share their faith repulsive.



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