Sunday afternoon I found out that a girl who was apart of HSM before going to college was killed in a car accident. Emma Stanger was a sophomore at the University of Chicago.  Emma came to our ministry with a friend of hers and was originally just there for fun and to be with her friend.

I remember one night in the spring of 2007 on a Wednesday night when she was with a big group in the hallway having a spiritual conversation for at least an hour after we were done.  That was the night she let us know she trusted Christ as her savior.  She’s been gone at school for 2 years now and has been home to visit and even come to our college service this summer. 

This is my first time doing something like this as a pastor and it will be tough. I am excited to present the gospel because I know there is nothing that Emma would want more than for her friends and family to know that life doesn’t end at death and we can live forever with Christ.



  1. Ugh Mark. I just found out about this! I know I only was her leader for a year, but she was certainly a young woman I prayed for a lot that year. So very sad.

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