Lately I have been thinking about strengths and weaknesses.
We all have strengths and for better or worse some people will interpret that your strengths makes you weak in another area.

The class clown will never be the one people go to for life advice, people will assume he can’t be serious. This isn’t a bad thing; they will help someone work through a tough time with a joke just as much as the person who will cry with them, but it is a different gift.

Athletes will never be considered smart. Does that mean that Magic Johnson can’t have a second career after he retires from basketball? No, but it means he has to capitalize on his great smile and likeable image rather than trying to convince America that he can host a late night TV show or run for governor.

A church that grows fast will be seen as only caring about numbers and not individuals, while a small church will be perceived to have a close nit atmosphere but not be evangelistic.
You can apply it to any field or job, but People will always assume that your strengths make you weak in other areas.

My thought is that to be great in an area and make it your strength, you will have to come to grips with the tension of it correctly or incorrectly drawing attention to a real or perceived weakness.

Am I aware of my perceived weakness?
It is true?
Am I addressing it?
Is that ok? Some like Marcus Buckingham make a ton of money saying to just focus on your strengths?



  1. working girl,
    I think that is going to be the constant tension that your strengths will be perceived as weaknesses. in some way they are because to be strong in one area you have to be weak in another. if this were not the case we would be perfect. but if we focus on our strengths and are comfortable in our role and gifting i think we can delegate to to our weaknesses.

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