• This weekend I spoke for the Grace Church (Lititz, PA) high school retreat at Camp Joy-El in Greencastle, PA.
• My friend Doug is the youth pastor there.
• It is cool to see how God is using your friends and the way students are being influenced by them.
• It was awesome to get out and speak to a new group.
• The topic was purity. I have never said the word sex so much in all my lifeJ
• Haven’t really done a ton of guest speaking stuff. I will never be some traveling speaker, but I want to get better at gauging a group on the fly of people that I don’t know.
• I was gone from my church today and can’t wait to hear what went down.
• Ironically enough I am going back to Camp Joy-El in 2 weeks to speak for Grace Community Church (Frederick, MD) student retreat.
• I took the family this weekend (which I am committed to do) but Malachi made it interesting with his new friend explosive diarrhea. He had to change outfits 3 times on the trip out alone and stretched it from 5 hours to 7.5 hours. It was the first time I have seen Kristin gag:)

EDIT: I forgot to mention that we drove over the Fretz’s house (since they live nearby) and hung out with our good friends Josh and Lexi. They are fun…and Josh made me cookies.


3 thoughts on “WEEKEND MIND DUMP

  1. Hi Mark!

    Just wanted you to know that at lunch on Sunday my son said that you were the best speaker on the subject of purity that he has ever heard.

    Wait a second…he’s heard me speak on that subject too! Oh, well!

    Great job, bro! Thanks for taking the time to minister to our teens over the weekiend!

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