• Tonight was one of those nights that only happens once a year…it felt like everything went right:)
  • We were on night three of our Lovesick series and talked about “how far is too far?”
  • I taught on not having a hint of sexual sin in our lives and running in the opposite direction.
  • We hit on some major stuff. I didn’t plan on it but I went after sexual sin and even girls defrauding people with facebook pics.
  • I think God is doing some major things in the hearts of our students in this series.
  • Tonight was the first time since we built the basement that I felt we used everything in one night to the best of its ability.
  • Our worship band was incredible. Bronson led so well and the set and the response it created fit so well with the spirit in the room
  • Tyler Hart was on the lights for the firs time ever and we had them cranking.
  • As always Vickie and Kelly had game room and food area so packed with atmosphere I thought I was at Starbucks.
  • Teaching might not have been good, but it felt good. This whole series is one of my favorite things to teach on so it comes naturally.
  • Next week we are having a response night of just testimonies and praise.  It is good for me to plan to be Spirit lead. I am excited to see what God does with our night and what our students share.  Last year this night was one of the best of the year.  

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