This past weekend we had our annual retreat at the Kalahari Retreat and Conference Center. I have blogged about it before, but this is a retreat that has been going on for 5 years and we have been involved for 4.  We collaborate on it with some other great churches like this one, this one, and this one.  The reason we keep doing this event is that we are able to be apart of something bigger than us and collaborate with like-minded student ministries from all over Ohio.  In honor of this past weekend here is Sunday night mind dump Kalahariretreat.com edition.

  • The most exciting stat of the weekend was that we had 14 first time decisions to follow Christ.
  • The second most exciting stat was that we had 16 total churches.
  • In 2007 we had 420 people, in 2008-624 people, and this year we were up to 757.
  • We’ve have already had some churches express interest for next year, if your student ministry wants to come shoot me an email.
  • Someone pointed out to me this weekend that we have the second biggest gathering in the FGBC behind the Momentum Conference.  That’s pretty cool!
  • Jeff Bogue, as always was great!
  • Exodus from Liberty University led worship and was top notch.
  • This year was the year that things crossed over to a conference feel. Personally it was different not knowing my group and spending time with everyone there, but my adult leaders are the ones investing and having conversations in the room, water park, and over meals.
  • It was awesome to catch up with my great friends at Wooster including my former boss Nick Cleveland, my old roommate and co-emcee Josh “Proto-J” Atkins, The Workman family, and my brother Danny and sister-in-law Jess.
  • I was in charge of dealing with the Kalahari resort.  That meant I did everything from registration, to rooming, wristbands, and scheduling.  I would rather be in charge of naps and candy, but what can you do.
  • I usually only get 2 hours in the water park during our biggest free time block on Saturday.  I am slowly going to do everything they have on a 5-year plan.  This year I hit up the 4-person toilet bowl slide, the lazy river, played a little water basketball, and visited the wave pool. I am not very exciting.
  • Got to hang out with my friend Je’rod and his wife Samua. Je’rod is one of the few people I can talk about Color Me Badd and Notorious B.I.G. with.  Plus, his daughter is Malachi’s age and is in the running for an arranged marriage.
  • Our group made some awesome commitments at this event. Many relating to sharing their faith and being ambassadors.  We also had some great breakthroughs on being the body of Christ.
  • I was also excited to see the guys really embrace leading for the first time and model things.
  • This event could not happen with our Jeremy Framstad.  He actually invented the Internet and is a master of all tech and media.

This event energizes me and I can’t wait to plan for next year and try to make it more excellent.


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