I have seen a ton of people doing this lately so I thought I would throw my hat in the ring…

  1. I met my wife Kristin in high school on Operation Barnabas.
  2. In school I made a list of churches I would want to work at and Grace Church in Powell, Ohio was at the top of that list.
  3. I decided to name my first son Malachi 9 years ago.
  4. In college I majored in Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry.
  5. I have two brothers.  I am the middle one. I never wanted a sister.
  6. My first car was a 1986 “rusting” that I rolled 3 times on the way home from soccer practice.
  7. A couple of weeks ago I got my son some new toys from the curb out front of my neighbor’s house.
  8. I named my wireless internet signal “free just ask” but no one has ever asked.
  9. I went to my first DC Talk concert in 1991, I have since seen them and/or TobyMac around 30 times.
  10. Someday soon I hope to restore my dad’s Cushman scooter.
  11. I have seen Pink, Busta Rhymes, N’Sync, and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in concert.
  12. My dad bought me my Taylor guitar in 2001 and I hope to give it to my son someday.
  13. My favorite topic to teach on is love, dating, and relationships.
  14. I own 2 Ford Taurus’
  15. I first grew my goatee because I lost a bet with Kristin and now I can’t shave it because I feel fat and naked without it.
  16. I used to own turntables.
  17. I owned a second-generation ipod so I like to think I am not a bandwagon Mac guy.
  18. I already know what Kary Oberbrunner’s new book will be about.
  19. I always have to have 2 packs of Extra Polar Ice gum in my pocket.
  20. The stations saved on my radio are 92.3 (country), 97.9 (top 40), 107.5 (ghetto), 104.9 (AC Christian), 94.7 (AC pop), and 88.7 (hardcore Christian).
  21. My dream job would be to have my own talk show like Jay Leno. I could also get into radio hosting.
  22. I have a frame that holds 35 pictures. I put couples in it that I like so I can pray for them.
  23. I don’t drink coffee. I would much rather go to Planet Smoothie.
  24. I love to try and play matchmaker but because I am so eager I usually suck at it.
  25. I am a sucker for good Hip-Hop pop music.


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