My friends over at CE National are sponsoring a Leadership Summit.  The event is March 23-24 at their campus in Winona Lake, IN.  They are using the time to gather youth workers and answer some questions facing those in student ministry.  You can check out more about the event and the questions here.

In honor of the Leadership Summit, I am going to use my next 11 entries and give some quick thoughts on these questions.

Question 1-Open question to youth workers…

  1. What are we Learning about Today’s Changing Youth Culture…

One thing I continue to learn is that the next generation is driven by a culture of immediacy.  This is obviously nothing new, but it cannot be ignored for several reasons.

Because everything is immediate, the only constant is constant change.  Bands are cool for a month on youtube and before their CD can get to stores no one cares. 

Immediacy creates entitlement and selfishness.  When someone wants to play a video game they don’t have to go home or get out the system, they just play on their phone. When someone wants to watch a video, they don’t rent it, they just find it on youtube.  If you want a song, you don’t have to save up your money or drive to the story, you just illegally download it online in seconds.  People always have their desires gratified immediately. I saw a store advertise the other day with a tagline that read “Instant gratification is not soon enough”.  That is what people are being fed, “you are so important, you instantly deserve whatever you want”.  You are too wait for a website to load, you need to see your facebook at lunch on your phone.  This is changing the way, selfishness, and sin manifest themselves. Just my thoughts, what would your answer be?



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