Today was a growing experience. I moonlight as a worship leader about once a month. I have led worship several times since I have been at Grace Church, not to mention many other times in many other settings since I was 14. I am no Tomlin but I can lead worship comfortably inside of my gifts and experiences. This week however was just craziness, I have never felt as attacked as I did this last week.
I can’t even pin it on one thing but it was crazy last couple of days. I was tired, busy, practice went terrible, sound was off, I wasn’t crazy about the song order, selection (even though I picked em), not too mention other things, and it all just compounded.
First service was the pinnacle. As usual everyone said it went well, but I just felt attacked and kept thinking that it sucked and things had to be better. I was basically psyching myself out. In hindsight nothing was that bad, it was just little stuff that we as a band notice, but I was so upset. Its funny how once I get worked up about something I just dwell on it. The more I thought about it the worse it was.
I decided that I would be mature and go into my office and spend some time thinking and praying to get my heart ready for second service. I thought this was a good plan and I was really on the patch to calming down and putting it in God’s hands. Apparently God had other plans to teach me that same lesson. I still had a little too much of me in the equation. As I was praying I got a couple texts that I was supposed to be on stage for the closing song. I had forgotten I still had one more song to sing!!! My friend Adam just sang the song (since he was already playing it) and it was no big deal but at the time it was the final nail in the coffin of Satan’s attack to make my day suck.
Just one of those weeks where I saw the clouds forming and just couldn’t avoid the storm or stop the rain. Funny thing is I learned so much so quickly when I “got it”. Guess what my church still isn’t about me. I like to think I am in control and today’s events brushed my ego aside. Ironically enough our series we are in is called faith walk and today sure made me relearn to be comfortable trusting God when I think I know what will happen and even when I don’t.
In the end it was no big deal and I calmed down and all went well. Second service was better (although we had a broken string that forced me to improvise amazing grace for the offertory, but that is another story).
My lessons for the day……..
1. No matter how much I try I can’t change God’s plan and what he wanted to happen did.
2. I haven’t arrived yet, I’ve got a long way to go
3. We can usually see train wrecks coming and often they can be avoided through preparation and troubleshooting.
So how was your day?


3 thoughts on “SUNDAY RECAP

  1. I really thought the music was wonderful. Honestly. Don’t let Satan tear you down and make you think anything different. The Lord knows your heart, and I am sure we all glorified Him today. Everyone around me was belting out the songs. I felt inspired, anyway.

  2. Dude, too bad we missed you again. You always seem to lead when we are out of town. Nice post. I had a pretty sweet reminder of the same type this week…a pastor emailed me out of the blue telling me his church was taking us on in 2009. He was on my list of people to talk to, but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Just a sweet reminder that it’s not about me in the least. See you tomorrow, dude.

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