Anyone who knows me knows that I love music.  Today I was thinking about some musical breakthrough moments for myself.  Times when I heard a new artist or genre that just opened my mind and helped me think and want to create music in a whole new light.

Like the first time my dad bought be my first rap cassette tape-Michael Peace, Vigilante of Hope.  Or the first time I heard Craig David-Born to Do It and knew that there was a marriage of singing with hip-hop. 

Today’s inspiration was a random video recommended by a friend.

Rob Blackledge-Worth Taking


I have been moving toward a breakthrough again.  For the first time in a long time I am wanting to write and record.  Time to try and make the EP I promised myself I would make before I was 30. Time to fuse a shameless love of pop, hip-hop, R&B, soul, and acoustic into some songs I can retire into fatherhood on.  I think I am going to make that my goal for the next year.



The last Wednesday night of the year rundown.

Botched opening sequence…..check

Technical snafu…..check

Worship not as good as normal…..check

Mark getting worked up as if the holy spirit depends on his organization and execution of schedule and elements…..check

Teaching effectiveness…..check

Glad to have some time off for the holidays…..check


Tomorrow at 9 am the staff at Grace Church will have our weekly staff prayer time and pastors meeting. I was just sitting here thinking about the fact that I am almost always excited for these meetings. My church is not perfect and either am I but I love working there and don’t take that for granted.

I have had so many conversations in the last weeks with friends in ministry who are frustrated and feeling disillusioned with their situation right now. From crazy senior pastors, to unreasonable expectations, to budget cuts, salary cuts, and even families being attacked. I don’t mean to gloat and I am not saying those going through a valley should pack up and try to find greener grass. I am just thankful for a church where I am seeing God work and change lives and am given input and invested in as we try to constantly get better at reaching and growing.


I have been hearing that projectors, screens, and projection in general are on the way out. Catalyst and Ben Arment spotlighted a sweet LED screen this year to the church world.
I saw Kanye last night night on SNL and can’t help but wonder when the church will follow. Lots of people take LED out for an arena tour, but for a one time spot on a small stage TV show. Times are changing quickly.

Check it out!


Here are the most active posts around these parts recently. A couple of oldies but goodies and some new kids on the block…



I stole this idea from Corey’s post on his blog, but I couldn’t’ help it because it has been on my heart and in my prayers a ton since Malachi was born. Check out this recent picture of Malachi that Ashley and Coty took at the grand opening of their photography studio. Is there a cuter baby? I don’t think so.

Here are 5 things I want for my son.

1. I want him to know God and love God. This sounds cliché but I am learning a lot about this recently. I don’t want him to love the things God gives or know Christianity, I want him to now God and who He is and love him. It’s crazy to think that as a father for better or worse I will model a father (even a heavenly one) to him..

2. I want him to be an influencer and leader of people. I know its selfish and who doesn’t want their kid to be president, but I pray it anyway. I love to stand over his crib and watch him sleep and pray for his leadership just thinking of the things he could do.

3. I want him to find a great wife. I know that his wife will be his other half and greatest partner. I want him to find a wife who will love him, serve him, strengthen him, and complete him.

4. I pray that sin won’t entangle him. Yeah he will be human and mess up, but I don’t’ want to him fall prey to any sin issues that will wreck him.

5. I want him to love and be involved in the local church. If history is correct this will not be a slam dunk for him as a “pastor’s kid”, but I will do everything I can. I don’t believe in the local church because I work there, I work there because I believe in it. The local church is the method God chose to redeem the world. For the first 4 to come true this last one will need to be true.