Recently I read Tim Stevens’ post “there is a dynamic tension between artists and leaders”.  Tim’s post was well written and pointed out that there are some obvious differences between artists and others. I know I have felt the divide many times and I made a list of thoughts.


  • Tim said artist want people to experience God and leaders want to give them truth.
  • The artist in me wanted to argue with that but I came to peace with it.
  • Does that mean that a perfect harmony in a service to reach all personalities and keep everyone happy who planned it would to give truth by allowing people to experience God? Easier said than done.
  • Some people think they should care about people more than time. 
  • Some people think caring about people’s time is caring about them.
  • Some people see me as an artist because I love music.  Some see me as a leader because I am all about systems and organization.  Is it possible to be both?
  • The reality is I couldn’t make it in an artist’s world.  I am OCD.
  • I don’t call these people “artists”.  I call them “rock stars” because most love to be late and or unorganized.
  • What does this law mean for those who work with the other type? Both types?
  • What does this mean for anyone who plans a weekly service?



1 thought on “ARTIST VS. LEADER

  1. God is truth. If you truly experience God you will experience truth. Those two things are synonymous and you cannot have one without the other. By the way, yours is the only blog I read because it is really quite excellent.

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