Some go on a blogging hiatus over the holidays….I just decided I have to get a little MIND DUMP off my chest.

  • I am a nerd. Every New Years Eve my wife and I go out for dinner and talk about/update our 1, 5, and 10-year goals.  That means this week I will have to spend some time thinking about them. I will post them for you all to see.
  • Did the Oklahoma City Thunder (new NBA team) design their jerseys and logo in Microsoft office? It is atrocious! Maybe that is part of the deal when stealing a team from a city, you have to suffer bad fashion.
  • One more family Christmas tomorrow.  No gifts at this one which means I can focus on my true love; pie.
  • While in Wooster tomorrow I am finally moving “all” my stuff out of my parent’s house.  The time has come for very last t-ball trophy, McDonalds toy, and baseball card, to move to Columbus.  My wife is obviously very excited for all my junk.
  • Got to hang out and spend some time praying with our good friends Jeff and Shannon Beckley tonight.
  • A while back I downloaded a new Game track on Kanye’s blog.  I am not gonna lie most of those free songs suck but I think this will actually be a single and even with Lil’ Wayne I like it.  WARNING IT CONTAINS LANGUAGE.
  • Grace College Youth Ministry module class I am teaching is coming up soon. I am pumped for that to rub shoulders with young minds and also tour some great local churches.
  • Finally getting to teach a whole series on Love/dating/relationships this February. We taught on it when I was the new guy but that never clicked. This time I sharpened my teeth at Momentum and am ready to go. I am so excited.
  • We decided to take all our Christmas stuff today. I think that might make us a couple of Scrooges but after a while we just want our space and non-clutter back.
  • While we were putting Christmas stuff in the crawlspace we did put the latest baby stuff to become outdated (clothes, toys, bumpo, etc) in their too.  Babies sure to need a bunch of stuff.
  • I taught Malachi to dunk on our new Nerf hoop today….of course video and/or pictures will follow.
  • I got a $25 itunes gift card for Christmas. Time to start spending.
  • Time to go to bed…I can hear Kristin talking to herself. Gotta get up their before she hurts herself.



  1. Here is some advice. As you have requested that everyone should know the number one song, album and movie in the country. I believe you should be also well versed in real culture and use your 25 dollar itunes card to get some Dylan, Van Morrison, Buckley, and maybe some classic U2.

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