Tomorrow at 9 am the staff at Grace Church will have our weekly staff prayer time and pastors meeting. I was just sitting here thinking about the fact that I am almost always excited for these meetings. My church is not perfect and either am I but I love working there and don’t take that for granted.

I have had so many conversations in the last weeks with friends in ministry who are frustrated and feeling disillusioned with their situation right now. From crazy senior pastors, to unreasonable expectations, to budget cuts, salary cuts, and even families being attacked. I don’t mean to gloat and I am not saying those going through a valley should pack up and try to find greener grass. I am just thankful for a church where I am seeing God work and change lives and am given input and invested in as we try to constantly get better at reaching and growing.


1 thought on “GRACE CHURCH

  1. I pray that you and Kristin never have to go through what we are right now… I’m glad that things are going so good for you. Tell your lovely wife hi for me and I hope that you enjoy Malachi’s first Christmas!

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