• I am still playing indoor soccer. We lost our first game last night since I joined the team…man am I sore. Barely made it to my workout with Dr. Kary Oberbrunner this morning.
• My brother David came down last weekend. It was cool to see Malachi interact with him now that he is getting older.
• I drew my 15-year-old sister-in-law Jenna’s name for Christmas. I think shopping for a 15-year-old American girl is one of the hardest jobs on Earth. I did a little shopping for her this weekend. I am determined to rise to the challenge.
• I lead worship the last two weekends. It was fun. I am gonna start leading once a month. Not my primary duty but I am excited.
• We hung out with Jeremy and Terra Bury last week. They moved here 19 months ago to be the worship pastor at our daughter church from Augusta, GA. They left a very successful life and great home that they finally sold a couple months ago. They were living with different people from the church while there home sold and are finally living with the fourth and final person for a few more weeks as they finish re-doing their awesome house! Sooooo happy for them.
• The Browns hurt my heart.
• HSM was crazy last week. You gotta love how you want numbers to bounce back after the holidays and when they do it is chaotic with so many people.
• Speaking of HSM, it was so great to see all the college people come home for the holidays. I felt like a dad or something. I think sometimes you forget the great people that have come through your ministry over the years. I was hugging one after another today and thinking holy cow our college people rock!
• Malachi and I were together all day Friday and Saturday. I am doing my best to screw up all the work mom has done during the week.
• Met with my student leaders yesterday and had no agenda. I didn’t want to preach another lesson at them. I simply asked “how are you?” and let the conversation go. I think it is the time in the year when momentum wears off and we are running on E. I loved getting the chance to pray for what it going on in their lives.
• Also had my student leaders evaluate where HSM is right now. I asked them to be brutal and it was cool to see things through their eyes. I try to be cool, but don’t have the eyes of a high school student.


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