The face of Christian music has changed.  This isn’t a big announcement since we all have been loving it as bands like POD and Switchfoot blurred the lines between sacred and secular for the past decade. 

TobyMac says that there will always be a need and a place for music that is written by Christians for Christians to inspire and engage them.  I agree, but the landscape of that industry has changed.  Gone are the powerhouse artists like the Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, and DC Talk’s of yesteryear.  The new groups that have filled their platinum shoes are actually more conservative.  Mercy Me and Casting Crowns reign supreme these days.  That is because as bands like The Fray and Singer Songwriters like Mat Kearney can make it in the “secular” world Christian music has been more reserved for the Adult Contemporary scene.  I have had some great discussions about this with my friend Zach.  Maybe sometime I will post more on that…

The purpose of this post is not to open a can of worms, but only to write a list. I can come across as one who doesn’t promote Christian.  This is not the case, it is just the industry I grew up on is gone. I am more into worship music than ever but our Christian rock that built huge followings and festivals in the 90’s doesn’t exist.  Having said all that there are still some great artists that I love and thought I would let you all in on the list.




Jeremy Camp

Mat Kearney

Shawn McDonald



116 Clique and Lecrae

Cross Movement and The Ambassador


Group 1 Crew



Relient K

Family Force 5


Praise Music

Hillsong United

Steve Fee

Chris Tomlin

Matt Redman

Charlie Hall


Jury is still out

Phil Wickham

Warren Barfield…love the song 10 Hours



If I cared I would link all the groups to their Myspace pages so you can hear them, but you have Google so do the work yourself.


It’s late so I might have forgot someone.  Who did I miss?


  1. I really like Jon Foreman’s season-themed solo projects. Some of the songs have very strong spiritual messages; some are just about life.

    I ordered Phil Wickham’s Canons album this afternoon. I’ve heard good things about it . . .

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