Teaching Series: VOICES Week 1

Sermon in a Sentence: We have an enemy who is trying to speak into our lives.

Key Verse: I Peter 5:8-10

Scale of Difficulty: This is an area that we have to get better at.  I think we have mastered what we do at the level we do in the way we do it.  I am not attempting anything difficult and that is not good.

Attendance: Up 29% from last week (down week) and also up 29% fromthe same week last year

Service Length: 105 minutes

Understandable Message: The message seemed to connect well.  Not a home run but something I was very passionate about and I think it translates well when that is the case.

Volunteer/Student Involvement: We had two students pretty much emcee the night and they are getting so good. They did the welcome and game and kept us interested and rolling.  Students as always made up the band and some tech

Element of Fun/Positive Environment: Our game was out in the crowd like a David Lettermen game.  The guys interviewed people and kept attention for 10 minutes.

Music Playlist: Alex the intern made one with some hardcore and my favorite hip hop right now by 116 clique and flame.

Favorite Moment: I would have to say the energy of the night. We haven’t had that since earlier in the fall. We were packed again and it was a great night that you knew we had a crowd who was excited to be there.

Notes: Rather than decorate for the current series, Vickie and the gals just decked us up for Christmas.  I am thinking what items need to find a new home so our room doesn’t look cramped.


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