It’s that time of year to celebrate the holidays.  That is why my posts are favoring videos and pictures these days.  Hopefully you won’t mind one more picture and a look into our home. 

Kristin and I have a running “conversation” about Christmas trees.  I grew up in a family where you get a fun ornament every year so I have quite a collection.  Kristin doesn’t like my ornaments though; she thinks a tree should only have pretty glass ornaments and things that are red and gold.  The problem has been that Kristin didn’t have any ornaments that satisfied her own rules and our tree has been dominated by my all American collection.  All that changed last Christmas knowing we would take possession of our house n the new-year.  I bought her a nice big tree on Craig’s lists and we hit up the clearances last January to get ornaments. 

Now that we are in the house and we have two living spaces for the first time ever, we have two trees.  I was nice and gave my lovely wife the tree on the main floor in her stuck up “sophisticated” decorating style and I get to have my tree in the basement complete with Ninja Turtles, Bart Simpson, and I Love Lucy ornaments.  My wife has yet to put up this tree that she needed, but I put my tree up before thanksgiving, just to bother her.  Here is a pic of my tree and me. I took it far away so critics couldn’t analyze it too much.


6 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS TREE WARS

  1. we have 2 trees….it looks like a designer christmas…i am not the decorator. But my boys have a classic gold tinsel tree filled with the kinda ornaments i grew up with. nice tree!

  2. I have a mini tree in the basement with only Steelers ornaments on it. Sadly though, I think this may be our only tree. We don’t have a fake tree and are too cheap to buy a real one this year that’ll be up for 3 weeks and then left to die for a whole week while we’re gone.


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