Haven’t blogged much this week and it seems to me the only way to catch up is to have a good old mind dump session.

  • HSM was down last night.  Every year there is that point where the fall momentum falls off and it was last night.  Time to weather the storm.
  • I am supposed to take a spiritual day away once a quarter. I am not always the best at making it happen, but the Monday before thanksgiving it is going down.
  • I am going to spend some time reading the bible, a book yet to be decided, singing some worship, and maybe even trying to write a little worship music too.
  • Our friends Travis and Vanessa are coming to visit tomorrow. 
  • Malachi’s two teeth finally poked through…and he is sleeping better than ever.
  • Getting the chance to lead worship once a month on Sundays…I am excited
  • Is it bad that I like the new Beyonce song “Single Ladies”?
  • The Kary Oberbrunner blog tour is sweeping the country.  Check out his new blog.

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