I recently just got an office. For my first 2 ½ plus years at Grace Church I was a cubicle dweller.  I will post some pictures in a couple days but I thought first I would provide a list of reasons I wanted/needed an office that I have been keeping.

No I am not bitter, this is in good fun. I know I am not entitled to an office and thus I am blessed to have one. There are friend of mine that make 6 figures and still have a cubicle.  I just thought for all the youth pastors and cubicle/closet for an office people this would help us all get through another season of ministry.

Anyway, without further delay…


Reasons I need an office.



1.       When we clear the sanctuary for events, all our portable chairs come into my room and I can’t even get to my cube or be seen.

2.       The copier repair man was working next to me as

3.       I had groups ask me to leave the room so they could pray.  I am not trying to stop prayer but what am I supposed to do…just go wait in the lobby? That is what I didJ

4.       People have actually asked me to meet in another room because mine was “weird”.  People avoid me because the space is so small it is awkward.

5.       Tim………… word. The man, the myth, the legend-TIMMY!

6.       I get nothing done

7.       Because my areas was out in the open, I would find people working in my cube. Apparently it is everyone’s and even when I would get to work they wouldn’t offer to leave.

8.       Group meetings now happen in my office that I am not involved in.

9.       I can’t counsel because someone is next door, this is not his fault but the truth

10.   I come into work and there are people practicing drama lines in the room, they say “we thought you weren’t here. If I ask them to leave I look mean and stupid so I just try to work over there talking

11.   My office was the Middle School X box room

12.   My office during the holidays this room was the dumping room for staging stuff AND greater church junk-not to mention vacuum cleaners week to week.

13.   my office was also at times Christmas program dressing room…that’s right people were changing…that is not awkward of anything.

14.   It is so cold I can’t even begin to count the times I had to ask to turn the heat up. I tried a space heater but since I share an outlet it blew the breaker. Many times my hands get so numb I cannot type.

15.   On April 29,2007 I had a juggler warm up in my office for an entire hour.

16.   Many times friends/peers would visit and proclaim before leaving “this doesn’t look like an office!”

17.   3 words: wedding candle storage

18.   In the course of one year my office has been 53 degrees and 78 degrees.  Sometimes I sweat and sometimes my feet go numb from touching the cold floor and my hands won’t type.

19.   Every time someone opens the door you can hear the pause when they are thinking “this isn’t an office, I thought Mark was in here” and than I yell….”I’m back here!”

20.   I have so much stuff to decorate it with……..PICTURES AND/OR A VIDEO TO FOLLOW!



5 thoughts on “MY OFFICE

  1. Please learn to spell. The grammar in your article is absolutely atrocious. I would like you to re-write the whole thing and submit it on my desk first thing the morning. Grace Alumni…Jeez!

  2. You’ve come a long way…..I kinda liked your cubicle, although at one time Margaret and I were supposed to be back there and you runined it 🙂

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