Lots of stuff going on and it has been scientifically proven that there is no better way to cover it all than a little MIND DUMP!

  • Headed to Wayne County to kick it with the family next weekend.  Malachi is so cute it is going to blow their minds.
  • Loved this post on bringing in friends (in ministry) from the outside to bless your ministry.  Making plans to bring in a few friends.
  • I don’t have a daughter, but I might someday.  Either way I speak to high school girls every week in HSM.  I am seeing some churches do series’ for women and wondering if this book (check out the table of contents) could prove as an outline for an all girls series for us.
  • Even when I am not sharing vision, that is still a vision.  This post made me scared of what a ministry can say when we get lazy.
  • Jim Collins really hit me at Catalyst when he talked about making a NOT to do list.  Seems Mark Batterson really liked it too. I already had a post (soon to come) stirring in me and Kem Myer kept me thinking.
  • I can relate to some of this post on the pain of a lead pastor but more than anything it made me want to hug and pray for my senior pastor.
  • Exciting sneak peak of Mike and Emily McCaman’s future in Mexico.


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