As promised this is my first Catalyst Conference Update.

Our group left Tuesday and drove to Tennessee and stopped for the night at some friends’ vacation home.  It was good to have a night to decompress and hit the lake for a little cliff diving. 

We finished the drive today and checked into the hotel before heading over the Gwinnett Center.  We went to the Catalyst Vanagon Roadtrip reunion and got to meet L.V. and the guys.  We also got to connect with Jonathan Herron and the guys from Catalyst Church.

On our way to the unplugged session for the night with the Deadly Viper guys we ran into Catalyst’s own Ben Arment.  I met him via email last week (thanks Gail) and he was just as engaging and genuine as I had heard.  It’s cool when you meet someone and can tell right away that they are a great person.

Took Some notes at the deadly viper session.  The topics was the deadly viper of the headless sprinting chicken, which is-busyness, over commitment, and/or living life to fast.

The guys offered when facing this…


  1. Structure your life in seasons
  2. Realize that you have to say no. When you do you are saying “yes” to other things
  3. Structure your volunteers for growth not control
    • Tell your team what the win is
    • Don’t tell them what to do, tell them what not to do
    • Here is the sandbox, have fun in there.
  4. Structure for effectiveness, more than excellence
  5. Remember that “the summit” is a state of mind
    • Fall in love with the journey, the state of mind
    • “There is no Hollywood”


The guys transitioned to talking about their new project “the people of second chance.”  This is near and dear to my heart.  We must be quick to forgive others and ourselves.

We can’t shoot the wounded or those who fall. We must let them get to the hospital and get well.  Love a fallen leader rather than gossip or judge.

They said that people of second chances are in places where others need second chances. “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”


The week is just starting up but I am already thrilled with the fun, challenges, networking, worship, and rest I have gotten. Can’t wait for more…. 


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