• If the title didn’t tell the story I will be heading down to Catalyst on Tuesday.
  • Not only am I excited for the conference (been waiting like 5 years to go) but I am going to be dong some blogging all week, so check back for updates
  • I already put the word out that I want to connect with some people but so leave your number and I will shoot you a text when I get there.
  • I will not be at HSM this week and I am so excited that no one will notice.  Jheff, Vickie D, Bronson, and Jkist will be doing their thing as usual.
  • My wife is hot. If you haven’t seen her new haircut you are missing out.
  • Got to hang out with our student leaders today. They encourage me…a lot!
  • I am really digging Shawn McDonald lately.
  • Anyone got any recommendations on places I need to hit up in Hotlanta?
  • Tomorrow night I am gonna be apart of a Media Night for the parents at Worthington Christian.  I love talking about the topic so it should be fun.
  • I got a pre-release of Kary Oberbrunner’s new book.  Can’t wait to share more in a few days. 
  • Tomorrow is going to be a little crazy getting ready to be gone all week, better get to bed. 

Check back all week…



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