• Most of central Ohio has power back so life is almost normal.  You still can’t assume that everyone you are talking to took a hot shower.
  • I had my district licensure exam this morning.  I passed so that is always good.  The whole process for me has been a great journey.  It feels good to have people affirm you in ministry and help you grow in your knowledge of the Word. The guys on my staff have been invaluable investing in me countless hours and conversations and coaching and teaching me.  I am blessed to serve with the staff I do.
  • The best part of passing licensure was the pumpkin pie my wife made me.
  • HSM was jumpin’ again tonight. Vickie Darrough is knocking the ball our of the park creating atmosphere and theme to support our series.
  • Next week we have a night to review our summer ministry, which hopefully is also an early promotion for next summer.
  • 2 weeks from today we start a series called the thin green line on money, giving, and all that jazz.  It is a topic that is not often talked about in high school ministries so I am excited to see it unfold.  We are going to be taking up a one time offering at the end of the series.
  • Our student leaders are getting more comfortable leading from the front and it is cool to see their influence and leadership.
  • Getting jazzed for Catalyst next month.
  • Gonna connect soon via phone with Michael Creighton the student pastor at Revolution Church in Canton, GA. Excited to see how and why they do what they do.
  • The adult Grace Group I am leading is really taking shape and taking off. I am excited because those are my best friends.  These are people who bring the biggest smiles to my face and I love sharing life with them.
  • Tomorrow is one of those days that I want to go to the office and just hammer out a ton of work but after a 14 hour Wednesday, I will probably be working in slow motion.  

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