I read a quote recently that said, “success is judged by the amount of awkward conversations you have.”

I want to not only be successful but to be a leader so I have been trying to initiate awkward conversations.  Not for the sake of trying to be important or throw my weight around (I am not important, but I do weigh 200 lbs).  In my experience myself and others to often do not say what is in our minds and on our hearts even if it has been put their by the Lord.  We overlook things, let them embitter us and ultimately sit back as things turn out the exact opporite that we would want and could have spoken up against and/or changed.  I am trying to get better at knowing that I did what I could and said what I knew needed said.

When I need to confront a youth staff member who is diluting our vision

When I see sin or shortcomings in someone’s life

When someone is selling themselves short

When someone compromises something I am passionate about

When someone hurts those around them

When someone is dating a tool

When someone is putting God in a box

What do you need to speak up about?




  1. If one is going to be a pastor, that is a shepherd, one must care about the souls of his flock as it says in Hebrews 13:17. If one cares about his sheep then he will guide them, confront them, encourage them, in the paths that lead to righteousness. Righteousness is not just doing nothing wrong, it is doing something right!
    This is something i have learned to do over the past 2 years….not fun at all but a must.

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