Crazy week full on ministry, soccer, and all in between.  This calls for some Mind Dump

  • Awesome week of HSM.  Atmosphere was high and first time visitor numbers were through the roof. Hope those people come back.
  • Where is everyone getting these black and white facebook pics with someone else’s head? I want to put my face on a beehive haircut.
  • I got one of the nicest compliments I have ever got since I have been in ministry.  Big Thanks to Nathan Pettit
  • Ever have a bad day where you have nothing but meetings and don’t get to get your to do list done.  I am so bad about caring too much on those days.
  • Couple a things I am praying about if you want to join me…
  • Praying about adoption
  • Praying for my brothers to find new jobs
  • Praying for a couple girls in HSM going through a rough time
  • Grace Group is tonight. It is week 2 and I already love my group.
  • My brother and sister (Danny and Jess) are coming down for the weekend so that will be fun.
  • JVB soccer game on Saturday. Gotta win!
  • My friend Jeff Beckley is an uber blogger now and was featured on TimSchmoyer.com
  • I recently found this blog and it is blowing my mind with what you can do with projection and walls/screens even on a youth ministry budget.
  • Time to enjoy the day off with the fam.  I already went on one wagon ride and as soon as Malachi wakes up I am sure there is another one around the corner.


2 thoughts on “MIND DUMP

  1. I have an idea…………………send Malachi home with Danny & Jess……….we’ll get him back sometime later……………………ha!!

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