So much going on that it can only be summed up in a bullet point post…

  • HSM launched with our first Wednesday night this week.  It was so awesome to watch it unfold.  I am blessed to work with Vickie Darrough who created so much atmosphere the night was great before it started and I can’t wait to see what she does every week with our room.
  • I am speaking at the Worthington Christian freshmen retreat tomorrow…should be fun to hang out with them.
  • Tonight I got to watch The Liberty Patriots Soccer Team I help coach “upset” the #1 team in the state. So fun to watch those guys reap the benefits of hard work.
  • Who wants me to come to their house to watch the VMA’s since I am too cheap for cable?
  • Making the pilgrimage back to Wayne County and Wooster, Ohio this weekend for my first Wayne Country Fair in a 9 years.
  • My Grace Group (adult small group) is meeting again tomorrow and taking shape.  I am excited to watch people get connected to our church and find community.
  • Kristin got one of those seats that goes on the back of a bike today. Malachi loves riding in it. I will have to put up some pictures soon. 
  • Kristin loves her bike. I bought it with a coffee can of change when right before we got married.
  • Talked to my friend Jordan today.  I was really challenged to keep seeking God’s will.
  • Speaking of Jordan his blog reminded me to remind me you all to check out my friend’s band US Royalty.  I think they are great and expect them to “make it” whatever that means in this day and age.
  • I think I am going to be speaking at my friend Doug’s high school retreat this winter.
  • Time to get to bed!


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