You can’t do everything.  I would tell you I knew that when I started ministry, but I continue to learn it and push myself to put it into practice everyday.  Here is a list of things I stopped doing this year (by passing them off to capable people who will actually do a better job than me) and a list of things I intentionally doing for the greatest trickle down impact.

Things I “stopped doing this year”

  1. Trying to be super youth pastor and hangout with everyone
  2. Shepherding all small group leaders because “that’s what a youth pastor does”
  3. Teaching because it’s my job
  4. Micro-managing any one part of the ministry that others can do

Things I am focusing on this year.

  1. Shepherding my smaller, controlled group of student leaders and trusting that connection for all students happens through our small groups-I can’t still lead a small group or disciple every student and I am ok with that.  There are a few key guys I am pouring into and than I am going to be very intentional about reproducing myself in my 1 student leaders this year.  There influence as a group is greater than my limited influence that gets weakened if I would try to still be Mr. Everything youth pastor to my whole group.
  2. Overseeing the overseers-In the past I didn’t realize that overseeing too many people would limit their effectiveness and ultimately the entire ministry’s.  This year rather than overseeing the male and female small group leaders very poorly because they number is beyond my span of care, I am working through a man who will oversee the guy leaders (6 people) and a woman who will oversee the girl leaders (7 people).  That way they have an appropriate span on care and so do the leaders and myself.
  3. Sharing teaching-I want to be the main speaking voice for my ministry but if I want to be reproducing myself and letting my students hear from someone other than me whose style may bless them more, I need to be sharing teaching.  This year I am going to pass off my teaching to people who are leading in other areas and ask them to teach once a semester.  That means that I get to have at least 10 weeks off and our ministry gets stronger as it happens.
  4.  Pulling away from our Praise team-I love music and even help lead worship for Sunday morning services, but I can’t give our music ministry the attention it deserves.  This year I am going to empower 2 very capable guys and the culture of awesome student musicians that has blossomed and let them run with it.  I have faith in them, but on some level even if I didn’t I have to let it be what it is so I can worry about the other 5 areas of a Wednesday night.



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