So tonight I am waiting on some friends to come over and I turn on the TV.  Big Brother 10 was on (which I have never watched and don’t care about) and this girl is in the interview chair and all the sudden it clicks.  I know that girl, I went to high school with that girl.  It was Keesha Smith who was a senior when I was a freshmen.  Here is her bio on

Now some of you are from areas where people always make it on TV or become famous and that has happened by people from my county, but lets be honest it doesn’t happen to people from my high school or Sterling, OH very often.  We had some girls make it to Jerry Springer once and the creator of the Ninja Turtles is our most famous alumni, but this was the highlight of my evening.

I know it isn’t a big deal but I was just so thrilled that I noticed myself and put it all together. I still maintain that spotting people (like mildly famous people in public settings) is one of my gifts that isn’t really worth anything.  I am sure it was/is/has been news back in Wayne County and made The Daily Record front page but my mom never told me about it so I found it fascinating.


2 thoughts on “BIG BROTHER 10 AND MY ALMA MATER?

  1. Hey………..I sent you the article only 1 day after it was published……..and it was hidden in the back of the paper too!!! HA!!
    p.s. I don’t even remember her or know her, but we did see her Sunday night.

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