Well the school year is officially underway! HSM and The Zone launched the fall with our 3rd annual food fight tonight.  It is always a wild night to say the least, but it helps us regroup and attract a crowd.  Here are some pics that Jheff took.  Tomorrow we will finish cleanup and let the dust settle.  Next week is the big launch of “normal” Wednesday nights so it is time to raise the bar as we reach and grow.


2 thoughts on “FOOD FIGHT PICS

  1. love of my life Mark (okay, not love of my life but close). Thanx for the prayers man. I really appreciate it. We need to chat soon. Theres a lot of things in the works for the near future. Could we chat soon. I have a few questions for you. Get back to me and let’s set up a time to talk.

  2. now that’s one messy outreach…i love it when guys go for it at any cost…or at least the cost of mustard. one question…did you hose off all that mess or let the birds come and eat it the next day?

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